Animal Beta Project is an Animal Justice organization. We seek out indivuduals that have harmed an animal where the act or aftermath was captured digitally. We search for abusers and turn over evidence to the proper authorities in the correct juristiction.   Our team is currently full, and due to the nature of our work we are not looking for new team members as we are a very tight knit crew.  If you feel that you have a special set of skills that would be helpful, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook, Twitter or Email.

We have a very specific set of criteria when we are looking for cases. We do not have “boots on the ground” and unfortunately are no help to animals where there is no digital evidence to be seen. If you feel that you have a case where we may be helpful, please feel free contact us @ info@abproject.org, through our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/animalbetaproject or via our Twitter at @abprojectorg. 

We do not take donations, or charge any money for investigations.


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